Senior Lecturer/Lecturer in Engineering

--Muscat University--

Job Title:

Senior Lecturer/Lecturer in Energy Engineering

Job Summary:

This is a predominantly teaching focused position to manage and support delivery of postgraduate, undergraduate, foundation and executive programmes.

The post-holder will have primary responsibility for teaching undergraduate energy engineering (experience in teaching process design is an extra credit) and postgraduate renewable energy engineering modules, laboratory development and supervision, and supporting relevant programmes in the Faculty of Engineering and Technology (e.g., chemical engineering) and, if required, contribution to relevant teaching in foundation programmes as well as on executive education courses. Preference will be given to candidates with administrative experience.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Deliver a high-quality teaching experience in foundation, undergraduate (BSc and BEng), laboratory, pre-masters, postgraduate (MSc) programmes and in executive programmes.
  2. Ensure all necessary content and material is in place for the degree programmes in time.
  3. Construct and plan student assignments, module delivery and assessment, ensuring coherence and relevance.
  4. Liaise with the faculty Director on all student matters & timetable planning and manage module timetables, content & resource areas, liaising with academic & technical staff as appropriate.
  5. Initiate high-quality learning and teaching/training activities that reflect the needs and contemporary currency of the subject and to foster a group dynamic and peer learning.
  6. Engage with students and demonstrators during laboratory sessions to ensure a high level of understanding is achieved by the students.
  7. Ensure all learning experiences comply with the expectations of all related standards of the Oman Academic Accreditation Authority (OAAA).
  8. Monitor the student voice through meetings, surveys and reviews and liaise with the Faculty Director in relation to findings, initiating solutions to any student dissatisfaction or other issues.
  9. Formulate and coordinate the Final Year Projects and Theses to ensure a consistent and rigorous process, including liaising with industry where necessary.
  10. Attend Open Days, external events and interviews as required by the Faculty Director to support recruitment activities.
  11. Maintain flexible working patterns which include some evening and weekend work in support of Programme/Faculty/University business.
  12. Actively engage with businesses/professional bodies/schools and colleges/communities/enterprises, etc., organize student outreach and invite industry speakers to enhance the student experience and facilitate industrial placement of students, as appropriate.
  13. Organize, prepare and participate in University meetings and events including Boards of Examiners, Programme Reviews, Planning and Monitoring committees, Student/Staff Liaison, and faculty and university committees and policy developments.
  14. Work with the Faculty Director and other University representatives to ensure student attainment, success and progression by monitoring student attendance and performance, and obtaining student feedback.

 * The job description may be altered at any time in the future in line with the level of the post to meet changing institutional requirements, but only in full consultation with the post-holder.


  • PhD holder, preferred to have experience in chemical engineering curriculum - Faculty of Engineering and Technology.

Responsible to:

  • Faculty Director, Faculty of Engineering and Technology


Muscat, Oman (some local travel may be required).


Full time. Hours as necessary for the role.