Director of General Foundation Programme (GFP) & Language Centre (LC)

--Muscat University--

Job title:

Director of General Foundation Programme (GFP) & Language Centre (LC).

Job Summary:

The Director of General Foundation Programme (GFP) is responsible for establishing and monitoring strategies, policies, procedures and implementation plans to ensure the highest possible quality of the Foundation programmes (FP) and the Pre-Master’s Programme as well as the development and execution of strategic initiatives to promote and expand these programs and activities. The appointee will be required to oversee the successful delivery of all aspects of the University’s foundation programmes, including curriculum, assessment, faculty development, and student’s progression. The appointee will provide expertise and leadership by assisting in the development of curriculum and programmes and through participation in accreditation and benchmarking projects. The Director of General Foundation Program and MU Language Centre (LC) supervises faculty and students in the programme to ensure that students achieve the required learning outcomes enabling students to progress to their degree-level programmes.

 These responsibilities must be carried out in close liaison and collaboration with the DVC Academic Affairs Research and Innovation, relevant ministries and government s and with key representatives of any academic institution(s) with which Muscat University has a formal partnership agreement. The Director of GFP is expected to be a vigorous advocate for the academic programmes and the intellectual life of the Muscat University community in general.

Line Management: To line manage FP Academic Staff Offer support, guidance, and leadership of the FP team. Observe new FP Academic Staff. The mentoring and coaching of FP and LC lecturers. Line managed by the MU DVCAARI.

Detailed description: The Director of FP provides overall leadership of all activities undertaken by the department. This includes leading all aspects of the FP such as arranging all learning, teaching, and assessment activities, co-leading the OAAA quality audit with the Quality & Institutional Performance Department, representing the FP internally through committees and meetings and externally through being an ambassador of the University, and leading on the establishment and growth of the MU LC. The Director of FP is also expected to teach in alignment with MU Academic Workload Policy.

Key duties & responsibilities:

  • Supporting the University’s senior leadership team in establishing a reputation for excellence at Muscat University; advising the DVCAARI, on matters relating to the successful delivery of the University’s GFP and LC.
  • Ensuring that the relationship between staff of the GFP Department and other members of the University community is productive, open and mutually trusting.
  • Leading on the ongoing refinement of the University’s GFP and implementation plan for approval by the DVC Academic, enabling the University to enhance its profile and reputation for excellence.
  • Being an effective ambassador for the University locally, regionally and internationally among academics, parents and prospective sponsors as well as senior members of international affiliate institutions.
  • Providing clear collaborative leadership through example, inspiring the faculty and staff of the GFP Department to success in all their activities.
  • Managing, mentoring and training of the GFP team.
  • Providing first-rate leadership in teaching and teaching-related activities, ensuring the highest quality of the GFP student experience.
  • Ensuring that the University makes appropriate and effective use of digital technology to enable students, faculty and staff to enjoy the benefits of 21st century learning environment.
  • The advertising, recruitment and induction of all MU GFP Academic staff.
  • Representing the FP in MU committees and meetings.
  • To work in accordance with the MU strategic plan and align the FP & LC operational plan accordingly. To periodically measure achievements of the FP & LC operational plan and report back to the senior leadership as and when required.
  • Responsibly managing the financial side of the FP for example textbooks and other resources, the learning and development budget of staff etc.
  • Planning all learning and teaching activities such as the timetabling of teaching, monitoring of student achievement and progression, the leadership of support for less proficient students and all assessment related activities.
  • Co-leading with the Quality and Institutional Performance Department the OAAA FP quality audit.
  • Leading on all quality assurance matters including QA of assessments, employing and external examiner, and leading the annual monitoring review.
  • Benchmarking on a range of matters with similar HEIs in the Sultanate of Oman.
  • Establishing and leading the MU LC for example the creation, marketing, and leadership of a suite of language courses to be offered internally and externally at MU.
  • The leadership of all FP and LC Academic staff including recruitment, induction, arranging mentoring for new staff and carrying out the annual Performance appraisal for all FP and LC Academic staff. Working with HR, Finance, and the FP & LC Academic staff to establish professional developments needs and ensure these are built into individual’s annual goals.
  • Leading the partnership with the British Council (BC) involving regular communication with the BC, leading on all IELTs related matters, and contract renewal.
  • Representing the FP department in matters related to existing and future partnerships.
  • Any other duties in line with this position. 


  • A first (bachelor) degree + a postgraduate (Master’s level) qualification in a relevant field to the FP subjects.
  • Candidates are expected to have a minimum of five years relevant teaching experience.

Person Specification:

  • Substantial teaching experience in a subject relevant to the FP e.g., full-time experience of teaching English, Math, or IT.
  • A postgraduate – minimum master’s level – qualification.
  • To be driven, well-organized, and motivating for the team of FP and LC Academic staff.
  • Experience of leading people and projects.
  • Willingness to be flexible in terms of working days and hours.

Reporting to:

Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Research and Innovation.

Job Location:

Muscat, Oman (some local travel may be required)


Full time. Hours as necessary for the role.


Priority in recruitment shall be given to Omani Candidates.